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Take a champagne colored 1991 Buick Century with every creature comfort available to the average senior citizen that year. Age it ten years with a retired physician and hand it over to famed underground comic book author/graffiti master/tattoo artist Mark Bode and, voila, you have "Leopold", a San Francisco art car masterpiece!

This 1936 Lincoln was Hermann Brunn’s personal car and the prototype for the Touring Cabriolet body style. Brunn was a favored coachbuilder of both Henry and Edsel Ford. The Brunn Touring Cabriolet was offered as a custom build for Lincoln, Packard and Pierce-Arrow between 1937 and 1939 and were among the most expensive cars offered in America. A total of thirty were custom built by Brunn among the different makes.

When Ford discontinued the Torino platform in the late seventies, they lost the basis of the Ranchero "car-truck". They commissioned a company in southern California, Northern Coach, to build 200 such vehicles based on Ford's new Futura and test market them through west coast Ford dealers. Public reaction was fantastic but a cash crunch prevented Ford from tooling up. A total of 212 Ford Durangos were produced.

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